Tuesday, October 21, 2008

{at least your tongue isn't bleeding}

Before Callie was "officially" evaluated today my parents were told that she would remain another week. She is working really hard on her walking skills. It could be a ways out before she is back in the groove entirely but she definitely knows what she needs to do and knows that she WANTS to do it! She is off her meds, off her feed tube and more alert and stable every single day. She is doing absolutely amazing!

Tomorrow I am heading down to the valley with my boys, Amber and Brinley. Plus a car load of garage sale items for Callie's benefit yard sale in a few weeks. I can't wait to see her and hopefully get to join in on some of her therapy sessions. I have not seen the little warrior woman in over two weeks and SO much has changed since then. So yay!

Brinley has stayed with us the last couple of days. Bossy Pants is really diggin' the play pal idea! This morning when he woke up he came into my room, dragged me by the arm to his room and pointed at sleeping Brinley, with a 100 watt smile, "Winnie!" It was just like Christmas morning as he realized he was one good hair pulling away from having someone to play cars with ALL morning long! It will be so fun when Baby Boy is old enough to keep up with the energetic, sometimes crazy, big brother!

Today we decided to whip out the mixer and make some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies! My little helpers were great and I couldn't help but smile when both of them had eyes bulging out of their heads as I dumped in the chocolate chips. Oh the joys of childhood! They turned out super delish! We went ahead and walked a plate over to the new neighbors. I told Matt my plans, and he told me I should have lived in Mayburry. Well honestly, Mayburry would suit me just fine. Bossy Pants out in his overalls, no shirt at all. Coming home with a frog in his pocket and his homemade fishin' pole. Yup. I think that would be just fine. But back to my story.

After taking cookies to the neighbors {who were very friendly by the way} Bossy Pants and Winnie decided to take the Rhino out for a spin. {The Gage sized Rhino of course} Well Bossy Pants drove for a while and became entirely frustrated by his lack of understanding of all the gears and knobs and pedals so he hopped in back and let Winnie take the wheel. They were having a grand old time. Bossy Pants held that bossy little finger out in front of Winnie and led the way. As a loving and faithful auntie, she of course did his bidding. About 20 minutes into their excursion, tragedy struck in the form of a "bit tongue". Apparently Bossy Pants was not prepared for one of Winnie's abrupt stops and he chomped right down on it! It was bleeding pretty good so I grabbed him up and took him inside to get a cloth. Bossy Pants is sitting in the sink nursing his wounds, I'm of course being super mom, and Winnie is looking up at him with a face of pure concern.

Winnie: "Is he going to be okay?"

Me: "Yes he will be fine. His tongue is just bleeding."

Winnie: "Oh. At least Callie didn't bite her tongue."

Me: "Yeah that is good for Callie."

Winnie: "Yeah. Poor Gage. And poor Callie, but at least her tongue isn't bleeding."

I guess a bleeding tongue would have really just been too much! ha ha It reminded me of Pollyanna and her 'Glad Game'. I think maybe I should play that game more often....
My back is sore, my legs are achy and my eyelids weigh 10 pounds each. But I am glad, I mean REALLY GLAD, that my day has been spent playing with, loving on, bouncing and chasing around the sweetest men there ever were!
I have a sign in my house that says There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. Yes there is indeed!
So if your day has been rough and your feeling a little downer...at least your tongue isn't bleeding!
{Lots of Love. Ash}

Monday, October 20, 2008

{Grosgrain Giveaway}

Grosgrain is giving away this ridiculously amazing dress! Check it out!

{oh and on a sad note..}

my camera is on it's merry way to missouri. man. the hubby wanted to document his hunt and i feel nearly naked now.

{raffle day, my men & a shower please}

Oh what a morning! I got up before mr. sunshine today. The Hubby left at 3 o'clock for some good ol' Missouri hunting. Yup. Something like a 12 hour drive I think. He will be gone for a while so it's just me and the little men. Dad gave Bossy Pants a run down of how to "rule the roost" while he is away. pfffff. Like he needs any help in that area. We do call him 'Bossy Pants' for a reason! Welp, after kissing the Hubby and sending him on his way, I could not go back to sleep. I figured I may as well put the raffle up and then get some sleep before the boys woke up.

Three hours later...still working on the raffle! My computer decided to throw a curve ball in my morning and started having techno spazms! Eek! Happy to say however that I am done and hoping for a big time turn out. Check out the Love From the Nest!

Being as The Hubby is on vacay for a week plus, I've been making sure I'm stocked up on the following 'boys are in bed' entertainment: chick flicks, musicals and my fave teeny bopper books! Tomorrow when the boys are napping I'm even considering getting all dolled up in my swimsuit and flip flops and headin' out to Bossy Pants' sand box to have a little vacay of my own! Never mind the chilly weather...I NEED A MINI VACAY!

Anywho. I'm feeling like a scrounge-O and think a shower is much in order.

{Lots of love. Ash}

Saturday, October 18, 2008

{she's off the meds!}

Yesterday my mom told me that they have taken Callie off of all her medications! Woo hoo! They will be doing tests within the next few weeks to make sure that she is okay to stay off of them permanently. That is wonderful news!

Her next evaluation will be on Tuesday to find out if they will be keeping her another week. I feel like she may have another week there, but I think it will be very soon that she'll be coming home! Her time at PCH has been excellent for her as far as the therapy and we are so grateful for all of the people who work so hard with her.

Being home will have it's advantages as well. She will be around the other kids and learning from them just by participating with them and watching them. And of course, as Dorothy can tell us "There's no place like home!"

Friday, October 17, 2008

{my day in boy land}

We read this CHARMING book The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger. We LOVED it!

It inspired us to finish our ART OF THE WEEK!
Bossy Pants was in TWO YEAR OLD HEAVEN gluing leaves to our tree!

Didn't he do an awesome job?

All day I kept reminding Bossy Pants that he was going to the FOOTBALL GAME tonight with DADDY. He was anxious all day long! When it was time to go I started following them outside so I could raid my wallet for some cash. That little Bossy Pants turns around, points his bossy little finger at me and says "No. Stay." Ay Ay Cap'n! He sure didn't want me intruding on his DADDY time. Have fun at your game little man!

When you get home I'll bundle you up in your comfy bed and kiss you ten times over! But don't worry, I won't let anyone know how much you will love it. It can be our little secret!

Thanks for a wonderful day my sweet little men! Can't wait for tomorrow!

X's and O's


Thursday, September 25, 2008


All Callie updates will again be found

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 30th::Got Dinner Plans?

Callie's older sister, Amber, is a manager for the Arby's in Show Low. They have graciously offered to donate 20% of their sales from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 30th. So if you don't already have dinner plans, why not stop by and enjoy a tasty meal at Arby's?
(Show Low location only.)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is random but I HAD to post it!

I am ALL for modesty in swimwear. Don't want to give too much of this gorgeous body away for free you know! Well I'm thinking that perhaps this is going a little too far. Maybe just a smidge...

What do you think? Is {THIS} a joke?

Friday, September 5, 2008